Wednesday, February 08, 2006

When the children of the Black Sea are taught to hate priests

I found this story (link)

A quote:

Last summer I was in Rize, a small town not too far away from Trabzon doing some research for an article on the Black Sea when I was drawn to the title of a local newspaper: 'A priest sighted on the coast road'. The shocked tone of the title made it sound as if they had seen a UFO in the skies above the Black Sea”.


for months now in newspapers and on television stations we witness programmes and discussions against Christianity, talk shows and articles which ridicule the Christian religion and Christian beliefs. They promote the theory that Christianity and Judaism are united in the intent to destroy the Islamic religion and that this is why they attack Afghanistan, Iraq, and Palestine...

The whole article is a good overview on the hypocrisy in some of these nations that create an enviroment that leads to hatred and death, then say they are sorry when someone is killed.

And this is all government supported.


Egypeter said...

This is particularly worrisome because Turkey is the muslim world's most "liberal" country.

So imagine what is being indoctrinated in children's minds in countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia and, sadly, Egypt.

Sad but true: muslims are taught to hate anything and everything that is NOT muslim...period.


Bent El Neel said...

I found another example of this hypocricy on
They went to an Islamic bookshop and purchased some books on Christianity, that were in the very least erroneous but I personally found them offensive. Photos of the book covers are on the website. I'll be posting those photos and translating their titles on my blog by tomorrow.