Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Pope: Search for Unity 'Irreversible'

This article brightened my day (link)

A quote:

Pope Benedict XVI said Thursday the search for unity between the Roman Catholic Church and other Christians was ``irreversible,'' underlining his desire to improve relations and heal the 1,000-year-old rift with the Orthodox Church.

Benedict made the comments in a meeting with the Rev. Samuel Kobia, the leader of the World Council of Churches, the fellowship of more than 300 churches from nearly all Christian traditions, including Protestants and the Orthodox. The Roman Catholic Church is not a member, but cooperates with the WCC.

In his remarks, Benedict repeated his pledge that his ``primary task'' as pope would be to work tirelessly to rebuild unity of all Christians with ``concrete gestures'' and not just words.

``The commitment of the Catholic Church to the search for Christian unity is irreversible"

I have no illusions about the difficult theological issues and conversations that need to be confronted on the path to unity, but may Christ guide us and bring us peace.

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Julia said...

It's always good to see cooperation and understanding flourish. Every time they hold one of these summits, I look forward to the results.

As an aside, however, when I first looked over your journal entry, the font threw me off. I thought that said, "Rev. Sammael." Wow, I thought, that's an awful lot of difference to overcome...