Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Lent begins in a few weeks

Roman Catholic Lent begins on March 1. Every year I try to prepare for lent both physically and spiritually. I begin a deeper devotion to the Stations of the Cross and try to read the Bible more often (In particular the Last Supper in the Gospel of John) and think about how I have grown and faltered since last Easter.

Physically it is only a problem if I am giving up something difficult or doing something involved as part of lent. This year...oh my...this year.

Drum roll of foreboding doom:

This year I am giving up smoking.

I am not putting this on my blog to say, "Hey look at me...I'm giving up smoking on March 1! I am a really good person."

No...I am putting this here because, in the best tradition of human weakness I might actually be able to do it if more people know I am trying and say, " did that go?"

I have found that Wintergreen lifesavers or a video game will keep me from smoking, so I'll start with that, willpower and faith. But does anyone know someone who quit or has quit themselves and might have any advice?

I am donating the money I would spend on smoking to charity (I'm thinking Coptic Orphans) as a way to make firm my resolve and extend the benefits beyond a personal level.

I have told my wife that starting March 1, my occasional moments of stupidity might become more pronounced and to just throw a wintergreen lifesaver at me if I become too stupid. I have about two weeks to cut back and then buy stock in wintergreen lifesavers, they will make a killing off of me.


Egypeter said...

Well hey...good luck to ya brother!

Quitting smoking is something I need to do as well. Can't really offer you any advice since I am still puffing away.

If your cigarette prices are anything comporable to Chicago prices then Coptic Orphans should be very happy :)

God Bless Davidinc

DavidNic said...

yeah. Smokes are about 4.50 a pack.

Egypeter said...

$5.85 in Chicago and they just approved a $1.00 tax hike....