Thursday, January 19, 2006

Coptics attacked While Trying to Build New Church

My original intention was to focus on what unites us with Coptic Christians in theology. By extension I was going to move into the two branches of Orthodox faith. But this week I saw some things on what they go through because of our shared faith. So I did my post yesterday on that general topic.

The deep talk of theology should take a backseat to this:


Here in America, we a closing Churches because no one is going or because of a shortage of priests. There, they are being attacked and hurt because they are trying to build a church.

Here is a Link to the BBC overview of Christians of the Middle East.

Everyone knows that Christians are oppressed in the Middle East. It is not new. It is not shocking. But it should be shocking. It should be treated like the problem it is. However, since it is so common, it slides right by us.

Martin Luther King said, "In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends."


Egypeter said...

Dear Christian Brother -

My name is Peter and I am a Copt living in Chicago. I am the same age as you and share many many beliefs that you value. I pray for the unity of all Christians one day. This is something that is very dear to me that we all, one day, unite together in Christ's brotherly love!!

With that said, I want to sincerely thank you for your concern regarding the Copts. The world does not know what the Copts suffer through under the dictatorial regime of Muburak and the average fanatic that is lurking and stalking the streets of Egypt.

There's a reason why the Coptic Orthodox Church is known as the "Church of the Martyrs." People don't know that Egypt was entirely Christian prior to the Arab invasion under Amr-Ibn-Alas in the 7th century. People also aren't aware of the past and current contributions that devout, Jesus-loving, Copts have made to the entire Christian world. The list of Egyptian Christians through out history who have been tortured and then murdered for their faith could fill volumes. That tells me (and teaches me) a lot of the fervor of the faith of my fathers.

St. Mark the Apostle himself brought Christianity to Egypt in the first century. Christianity spread, grew and thrived for hundreds of years until Mohammad's army invaded. The Copts, subsequently, have suffered for 1400 years under Islamic rule. Now think about that for a second. 1400 years! Is there another Christian community in the world that has a similar story? I don't think so. I think you also bring up a good point, that since this persecution has been ongoing and systematic for so long that sectarian events that occur in Egypt are not that big of a deal. They really aren't, Egyptians have become accustomed to this and it probably wouldn't even get a snippet in any newspaper. It's as if everyone has become desensitized to what's going on. It's really quite catastrophic.

But there is hope. First of all, Jesus, of course, will never forget those who love him. After all, the Coptic Church amid all of the violence and persecution commited against them is a thriving and strong Christian community. Their love of Jesus is unwavering and can NEVER be taken away from them. Also, the world is becoming smaller. The onset of the information age and globalization will help to bring these atrocities out in the open. There is also a sweeping change that is occuring in the Middle East. The only way to combat terrorism is through freedom and liberty and I think more and more Middle Easterners are hoping for governments that are more reprsentative of their people and this can only be a good thing for Copts and minorities all over the middle east.

I thank you again for your concern regarding the Copts friend. Italy and Egypt are partners in the Mediteranean region. I also thank you for your prayers and I share them with you. God bless you.

DavidNic said...

Thank you very much for your kindness. I will continue to draw attention to the horrible conditions the Copt's suffer. My Coptic brothers and
sisters will always be in my prayers.

Egypeter said...

I feel your love over the internet davidinc!!! Thank you thank you for YOUR kindness friend! I weep when I hear about what the Copts go through in Egypt and then I weep when I feel the love and sympathy of my fellow Christian brothers and sisters.

Love will prevail over hate.

Anonymous said...

Dear brothers..
i was so Glad to know that there are christian brothers (and i use the word christians..not Orthodox or catholics or both)sharing us our troubles and suffering as an Egypian residents , far away from politics and compliments is about the brotherhood it is about the unity of Jesus Christ Body it is about THE REAL unity of the Holly Church.
And i do believe that sharing this love is strongest start ever.
may be copts sufferd the most from the Arabic Islamic invasion...but they are not the only pepole that sufferd for 1400 years..there are our brothers in Syria and lebanon Jordan and many other chistian pepole tortured and exiled and murdered for thier holly believe in jesus christ..and it starts from saudi arabia itself is well known that there were many christians and jews living in that area but mohamed wars againest them vanished them all .
so Egypt is not the only victim , christianity is not the only victim even China was attacked by the Islamic armies!!!!!!!!!!
SO i see that the humanity at all is the greatest victim ..and that where we should all start.
and i like to aware you as American residents have a great responability( me my self and many others consider you our back up ) have the chance to live in the free world so resist to keep it free..there are many kinds of invasion that Moslems try to invade your world with , so awrae the others too.!!
and as we copts have the responsibility to resist here in Egypt (and we exprienced the glory of God many times in our life)
you have the responsibilty -from your place - to let the whole world know about us as copts and about all humanity suffering from the the islamic regime .
Thats how the body works every organ and every limb has its role so do yours which is supporting us snd awaring the whole world from the Islamic systems and we do ours ..we here in Egypt keep the holly places that the holly family visited and other saints clean and safe from thier practices ,keep praying and gaurding our monasteries and churchs and we shed blood and tears for this.
thank you DavidNic for giving me this chance to express my self and my pepole.God bless you
your brorher Mina el kmose Metry