Monday, January 09, 2006

Richard Dawkins equates religion with child abuse

Ahh...Richard Dawkins. First off, who is Richard Dawkins (Link)? If you don't know, he'd be sadly disappointed. He has been called Darwin's' Rottweiler , and is a firm atheist and opponent of anything to do with faith. And, as is normal for the media, is considered a non-biased critic. And as such, an expert. Although anyone as biased and close minded as him does not deserve to be called a scientist, he is considered one.

Mr. Dawkins has a two part television show (Link) that will be appearing in England this week, where he makes the claim from the title of this post. I don't know if he, or Pat Robertson frustrate me more. It is probably Pat, but Richard is close.

One quote from him about Lourdes:

"If you want to experience the medieval rituals of faith, the candle light, the incense, music, important-sounding dead languages, nobody does it better than the Catholics."

Ahhh...anti-Catholic vigor. So new, so unexpected form the man who believes that Apes should have all the rights that a human does. (Link).

As I have stated before, I believe in evolution. I don't really care how we got here, but why we are here. And original sin and the need for salvation and grace is not dependant upon the creation story. If God wanted to create us by evolution, then that's fine by me. But, to Lourdes...

Lourdes has a medical board that takes great care with their proof of what happens there. (Link) They don't just employ Catholics and evidence from Catholics is more closely inspected to avoid problems. Lourdes engages in real and unbiased science to document what happens at the shrine.

I get a more accurate view of Catholicism from Fr. Ted on BBC America, than from the opinions of a vehement anti-Catholic bigot with an intellectual masturbatory tendency for self aggrandizement and an ape fetish.

Science against religion is typified by Richard Dawkins in one corner and Pat Robertson in the other. You know, it is no wonder this topic can't reach a reasonable conclusion.

Fanatics on both sides love the sound of their own voices and the idea of being right more than the truth. They care about making inflamatory statements and asking what someone believes, rather than why they believe it.

And these are the poster boys for each side in the mind of the public. Great, ill informed bigot against ill informed bigot. Winner fights Stalin in a "why the hell do they bother" cage match.

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