Wednesday, January 04, 2006

West Virginia Miners

I am from Pottsville Pennsylvania, the Anthracite region. My great grandfather died in the mines. I can't count all of the uncles who have died in the black hell. My father was a miner for over thirty years and had many medical complictations from his job. I have been in mines, I can not imagine dying there. To die there, it must seem that you are removed from God. It must seem that you are forgotten and forsaken. In all honesty, it seems like that when you are in one for only a little while.

But we are never removed from God. We are never forsaken. The love of God reaches us, even when we run. Sometimes, it is most elusive when we look for it. Even in a mine, God gives us a sign.

My next post deals with my belief about that. This post is a rant.

How can you announce that people have survived and wait three hours to correct yourself? I understand that there was a mistake, but the real mistake was not saying, "Look, this isn't verified." That was all they needed to do.

For three hours people celebrated, but the mine executives said they knew in 20 minutes that the men were dead. (Link)

They say that they waited so that they could be sure.

They didn't care to be sure at first. They didn't care to make the mine safe.

The Governor announced, "The rescue people have been talking to us. They told us they have 12 alive." So, did he know? Did the company lie to him? Was a photo Op in a church, just too special a moment to spoil with the truth?

Men, died. Families were shattered. And the company cared about its' image.
Maybe the Governor only cared about damage control to the publicity, I don't know.

The one sure thing is that the people in authority in this situation let families and friends be comforted by a lie for three hours.

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