Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Plight of The Coptic Christians

Coptic Christians face horrible sufferings at times. They are not given equality under the law in Egypt and often killed or tortured. In a recent case in Canada some coptic christians are being sent back to Egypt where they will likely be killed (link).

In the land where the Holy Family sought refuge from Herod, those who keep that event holy have no help. They do not have safety or refuge.

A site that details what Coptic Christians are going through and suggestions to help.The Orginization is Christian Solidarity Worldwide. I do not know alot about them. I have it listed here for information, I do plan to research it, but at this time I make no recomendation about the organization. Their first way to help is Pray. I do endorse that.

(Link) A site that goes into greated historical detail, a bit dated (from 2001).

An orginization for the benifit of Coptic Orphans. As above I do not know the details of the charity. It seems they have many good programs and are supported by the Foundation center of Washington DC and some funding for their Valuable Girl project comes from the U.S Embassy in Cairo. Here is Give.orgs evaluation of the charity (Link).

In this week above all, we should make sure our prayer and Rosary intentions include our Coptic brothers and sisters.


Egypeter said...

Another quick note friend:

Coptic Orphans is a TREMENDOUS charity that I am involved in. I know the person who founded it, her name is Nermine and she is a wonderful wonderful Christian person. Coptic Orphans has received many awards and has even had dignitaries attend workshops and dinners. You can trust that Coptic Orphans is doing God's work here on earth by helping the poor and underprivelaged. I hope that helps

Anonymous said...

From Friend of FreedomforEgyptians blog. Coptic Orphans has done really good development work as well as educational and poverty alleviation. If you would like more info send FreedomforEgyptians an email and I can contact you with any further information about the Organization. Keep writing your great and interesting blog!