Monday, January 30, 2006

Those who want to harm us see one body

I was reading an article about the recent attacks on Christian Churches in Iraq (link). One thing stood out to me. These were the Churches that were attacked:

A Catholic Church in Kirkuk dedicated to the Virgin Mary.
St. Mari,A Kirkuk Orthodox Church.
Catholic Church of St Joseph's in Baghdad.
An Anglican Church in the Nidhal area.
Syrian Orthodox church of St. Peter and Paul
A bomb near the Vatican Embassy in Iraq

Some of the reports are confusing, but that seems to be a decent list. The one thing they have in common is that they are Christian sites. Another point that can be raised is that no attention was given to rite or denomination.

Christains divide themselves, but those who try and kill them do not. Usually, they see one body.

I pray for our brothers and sisters. Those killed. Those hurt. And those who live in fear. I pray for the health and safety of all members of the body of Christ.


Bent El Neel said...

And my family and I join you in prayer DavidNic. I read about these attacks in an Arabic news website called
It is based in Saudi Arabia and it's an extremely seedy news source...but the comments of readers on the articles are amusing in their ignorance and stupidity.
This article had a file photo of people worshipping in an Iraqi church. Some women appear in the photo, and they don't have head scarves on.

A saudi guy commented,not on the explosions, but he wanted to point out how immoral Christians are that they let their women pray in a church "with exposed heads...and wearing jeans?!?!"

Yeah!! they really care whether we're Catholics, Orthodox, Anglicans....!!!! We are all just one thing to them: Infidels.

Egypeter said...

Praying in a church w/o a veil??

How dare they? God will surely not hear THEIR prayers. I think it is obvious that God only listens to the prayers of Muslims...since they properly wrap themselves up.

I'm sorry but how stupid!!

DavidNic said...

In a way that reminds me of an extra credit from a scripture test in high school. It was, "What is the correct position for prayer?" Kids wrote kneeling, hands folded..the usual stuff.

I wrote, "I didn't know that God could only hear you if you stood a special way."

I got the question right. We had a long discussion about how God cares about what is in your heart, not how you look while telling Him.

But for that to be a comment when lives were lost, is just insane.