Monday, January 16, 2006

A tale of two Nuns

You know, I fully intended to try and stay away from news stories and have a nice flow of stuff for the week of Christian unity. But this headline got me:

Nun in bribery scandal

Warsaw - A Polish nun who caused two accidents while driving under the influence of alcohol informed on a police officer who asked for a bribe to cover up her mishaps, prosecutors said on Thursday.

The 35-year-old policeman has been accused of corruption and faces a possible jail sentence of up to eight years, said Ewa Weglarowicz-Makowska, spokesperson for the state prosecutor's office in Jelenia Gora, southwest Poland.

The Benedictine nun caused two accidents, the first in 2004, when driving a tractor towing a snowplough, she hit a car parked at the entrance of her convent in the southwestern town of Krzeszow.

A year later, her car ended up in a ditch after she drove at high speed.

Anxious to avoid scandal and particularly worried that her convent would find out, the nun went for help to a friend who was a police officer.

The policeman promised her he would make sure no one found out - in return for a payment of 3 000 zlotys ($960) Weglarowicz-Makowska said.

"When the policeman demanded another payment of 3 000 zlotys to keep the second accident under wraps, she decided to inform on him," the spokesperson added.

Ok, the part about driving a tractor pulling a snowplow is just strange (even if it is Warsaw). I hate saying things that begin "In my day...." But man, in my day Nuns never drove drunk and bribed people.

To contrast, a nun in Phialdelphia was struck and killed by a hit and run driver (link). A quote from the article:

”Many children came to her viewing that she taught in the past and they all had nothing but good to say about her and it was all very inspiring. I had no idea in this world that she touched so many people.”

Let us offer a prayer for Sister Paul Mercedes Perreca and her eternal repose. Also, a prayer for the Sister in Warsaw that she may overcome her problems.

Still, in my day nuns never drove drunk and bribed people. And, who would blackmail a nun?


Anonymous said...

I've got to hand it to you, you're a riot. A good dose of humor for these very serious times..thanks.....we could use more humor in our Catholic blogs..

i'm still laughing..

DavidNic said...

Thanks. I have always liked to think that Jesus shared a respectful laugh with his Apostles and friends. Humor is part of being human.