Monday, January 16, 2006

The Zeitoun (Zeitun) Apparitions

In April of 1968 and for three years the Virgin Mary appeared in Zeitoun Egypt (also spelled Zeitun). The apparitions were silent, but seen by more than a million people hundreds of times. They are accepted by the Coptic and Roman Catholic Churches as authentic. People were healed, as Christians and Muslims together saw Mary.

Muslims believe in the virgin birth and the Immaculate Conception (although they believe that Mary was born immune to temptation, since they differ on original sin). And they hold Mary as ever virgin.

Above the dome of St. Marks Coptic Church the Virgin appeared. What makes this different from other apparitions? Not only is it something that unites us in belief to our Coptic brothers and sisters, but there are photos. Photos that millions of people agree, are what they saw.

(link) Art Gallery with photos
(link) Story
(link) Web Gallery with photos, video and copies of the news stories

Also, the book, "God-Sent : A History of the Accredited Apparitions of Mary" by Roy Abraham Varghese has a nice section on Zeitoun.

There continues to be healings and miracles to this day at St. Marks. But why there? Why Zeitoun?

Zeitoun has long been held as a place where the Holy Family rested as they fled into Egypt.

On some of the pages there are links to other mideast apparitions, I have not heard of them being jointly approved by Coptic and Vatican authority.


Egypeter said...

My father witnessed these apparitions and still speaks fondly of the blessings bestowed on Egypt by the Virgin Holy Theotokos Saint Mary.

Let us pray through the intercession of Saint Mary the Mother of God.

The Eyewitness said...

My mother also saw this event and luckly she used to live beside the church in Zietoun.
I just wanted to say that reading through your blog I figure more Love of christ reflected from your on this blog. God Bless You. May God use your prayers and the prayers of all christians all over the world to fulfill the unity of christians.