Monday, January 30, 2006

A word on media silence

On January 19 I posted an entry about how Coptic Christians were attacked while building a new church. If you search for Coptic on a news search you will find many stories about the oppression of Coptic Christians. But you will not find very many follow up stories. You can follow up on blogs but the main media is silent. We do remember the silence of our friends more than the words of those who hurt us.

Neferteeti's Blog (Link) has alot of informative posts on the controversial topic of forced conversions. She also has a post from January 24 called "A silent world" that says what I'm feeling right now better than I can. (link)

Here is a blog follow up to the Church story on Freecopts from January 28 (link)

I've seen message boards that deny there is any oppression. But the reluctance to even report on simple incidents would argue otherwise.

I know Muslims who are horrified by these stories as well. What we must remember is that the Muslim fundamentalists are just like Christian fundamentalists: They hear and heed the voice of hatred and fear.

I pray that our Lord, who made the blind see, will open the eyes of the world. And I pray that enough of us have the courage to help.

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Egypeter said...

Thanks David!

The silence in Egypt is DEAFENING! Can you imagine trying to live in a country where thousands of Bin Ladens are running around? The police, media, government, universities are filled with fanatics?

Now of course there are many Egyptian Muslims who hate terrorists as much as the Christians. The only problem is that they are as fearful as the Copts, not to mention severly outnumbered by the fanatical elements in society.

But ya know what, the fanatics have been unsuccessful in trying to destroy the Coptic Church. This has been their intention for the last 1400 years and through the Grace of God the Coptic church has not only survived...but FLOURISHED!

God Bless all Christians especially those who are persecuted for their faith.