Thursday, January 26, 2006

Catholic Schools Week

Catholic Schools Week is January 29-Feburary 4 this year. I went to Catholic school all my life, and found it to be an enriching experience. In truth, there is so much to learn about the Catholic faith, I was glad to have daily religion classes.

I won’t be doing daily posts on Catholic Schools this week, but you might get a few stories and memories.

I offer a prayer for all the children who attend these schools that they may grow in knowledge and faith. I also pray for all of the teachers who work for less money than public and private school teachers. What they sacrifice for their students is seldom appreciated.

My appreciation for my brothers and sisters in Christ, in all faiths, comes in part from very good Scripture and Church History classes. Catholic School gave me a foundation that has helped me stand firm in faith and morals.

Still, I was ten before I believed that Nuns had feet or ears. And I just used a capitol “N” for nuns without knowing it. But if anyone ever wants to say bad things about a nun, just take a look at some of the holy sisters who have become saints.

Still, when I was six I could have sworn they just glided along the ground. No feet.

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