Monday, January 23, 2006

What saints can show you

We can tell a lot about people by who they view as holy. We can tell a lot about how a person has lived and what they have gone through by what saints give them strength.

Even a brief look at the Coptic saints is a glimpse at an extraordinary and simplistic beauty.

The Coptic faith does not have a large number of official saints like the Roman Catholic Church. But if you look at their saints you begin to see a pattern.

When I look, I see mostly Martyrs. I see some hermits and warrior saints. I call the beauty I see simplistic, not because it is easy or as an insult. I say simple because what I see and hear from these saints is:

Live simply with God by your side and do not abandon the faith in your heart no matter what the price.

I call it extraordinary because what is simplistic to know or say is often extraordinary when it is realized by action.

Egypeter has posted some comments here (And I thank you again for your kind and informative words) and he mentions that the Coptic Orthodox Church is called the Church of Martyrs. It is indeed not hard to see why.

Not only for the official saints, but all of the Martyrs who have died for their Coptic faith. It is also the Church of Martyrs for the saints of today, who suffer each day. They suffer for a faith in Christ that has been written in their hearts by the hand of a loving God. This faith is accepted by their free will and has been maintained for centuries by an inspiring courage.

As we pray on All Saints Day, for all saints known and unknown. For those whose names are known only to God. Let us pray for the daily saints and Martyrs in Egypt and throughout the world.

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