Friday, February 24, 2006

Coptics to hold coming-out

I did not know about this until just now (link).


The first of what is likely to be many fund-raisers will be held this weekend, launching a campaign to raise $50,000 to give the old church at 118 W. Main St. an overdue facelift.

“As you look around the church, you can see it is in need of renovation,” Chehata said, showing a visitor around the building that for many years was home to St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church. “We are in need of some funds.”

The congregation of St. Anthony’s — one of only three Coptic Orthodox churches in Pennsylvania — will host a Winter Festival this weekend. Visitors can sample food typical of the Coptics’ Egyptian home, browse a flea market, make crafts and participate in a variety of activities.

From 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. tomorrow and again from noon to 5 p.m. Sunday, the public is invited to peek inside the unusual church and meet its members and leaders.

“We would like to welcome everybody from the area and from outside the area,” Chehata said while seated in a community dining area of the church, where his congregation shares meals after weekly worship. “If someone’s interested in the history of our church, we will be willing to give them an account.”

Sadly, I'm not sure if I can go on such short notice. But my prayers are with the Coptic Christians in my state. I pray that they are welcomed and embraced by Pennsylvania.


Egypeter said...

Hi David -

Hope you are well my friend! Oh I wish you could go to this event. I'm not sure if it is close to your home but it would be a nice opportunity to get up close and personal with a Coptic Church. I genuinely feel your love for ALL Christian faiths and denominations but I feel like you have a bit of a special bond w/ Coptic Orthodoxy :)

BTW - My church here in Chicago holds a similar event in the summer. Chicago has a big festival called, "The Taste of Chicago." Our church has a festival in July, around the same time, called "The Taste of Egypt" that we hold to raise money and awareness. I know the name is kinda cheesy and not very original (lol) but it's usually a big success. I hope this one turns out to be a success as well.

Anyway, have a nice weekend buddy and take care!!

DavidNic said...

I hope to attend but it was alreday shaping up to be a hectic weekend, so I doubt I can. But it is not too far, a little over two hours. And it is less than an hour from my wife's parents! So I'll be near there alot.

I plan to keep up with their fundrasing efforts and drop in on similar events in the future.

You have a good weekend too!

Egypeter said...

Thanks Dave!