Friday, February 03, 2006

The days events

First my prayers to all those who are waiting for news and information for any family they may have had on the ferry that sank in the Red Sea. (link)

I would also like to comment on the Churches burned in Alabama (link). There is not enough information yet to make any real comments. My prayers are with the people who lost their churches, may the love of Christ sustain them.

The Vatican issued a statement today about the cartoon issue (link).

One line from it that I must echo:

"There should be more respect for religion, whatever religion it is. What has happened over the last few days is an ugly, very ugly sign which should make us think"

I'm on and off line alot today, my wife and I are cleaning the house and getting ready to have some people for the Super Bowl. This is Steeler country. I'm also catching up on some reading for the next two days.

I'll try to keep ahead of news on the above stories and post when I can.


Deacon John said...

The Media seem to think that anything goes with religion, especially Catholicism! NBC is famous for its Anti- Christian spot and errors. I remember back about 20 years ago when a sports newscaster talking about race horses that were farmed out to stud said on the air: "Like St. Joseph!" We were shocked and the outcry caused the announcer to apoligize on the air.
So now it's Muslim bashing, but if anything causes them to riot and hate the West more, keep bashing. What a sick world. Come Lord Jesus!

Julia said...

You want to see a contrast?

In the Jerusalem Post, this Op-Ed piece ran yesterday, discussing the sorts of political cartoons that many of the Arab newspapers routinely run:

Today, on another Israeli news site, this op-ed piece was run, agreeing that the Mohammed cartoon was insensitive and wrong, and that the religion should be shown more respect than that: