Monday, February 27, 2006

Egyptian Intellectuals Speak Out Against the Muslim Brotherhood Movement and its Slogan ‘Islam is the Solution’

Man, I am posting alot today. I want to let people know, I do work. I just make the most of my breaks:)

This article (Link) made me remember a post over at Neferteeti's blog: The Muslim Brotherhood in the Egyptian People’s Assembly (link)

The article says, in part:

"The right solution for Egypt is not a divine prescription which can be reduced to a slogan that will heal you the minute you utter it. [Egypt needs] a battery of practical scientific programs... which will increase our production capacity [and enable us to realize] our most far-reaching dreams for a better life. [These programs] will generate a significant change in our method of teaching, and produce generations of young people who are better equipped to meet the challenges of a world in which knowledge and science play a pivotal role in production. [They] will address the demographic problem, [bringing] courageous solutions to reduce the birth rate, [which currently stands at] over one million births per year... [But] before all that, [we need] a democratic regime based on multiple parties, in which the people have exclusive authority to choose their leader in free elections, and can hold him [accountable] should he fail to fulfill his promises and commitments...

"History is full of examples of regimes that ruled in the name of religion but spread [only] poverty, ignorance and corruption..."

It also says:

"Our real problem [with the Muslim Brotherhood] is that... they believe that to disagree with them is to disagree with Allah, and that whoever opposes their views is opposing the will of Allah, as was explicitly stated by their former [leader] Mustafa Mashhour. [However, even] the most senior leader of the Brotherhood is ultimately only a human being who may be right or wrong... [Moreover,] their history is full of mistakes - the most prominent of which is their [use] of political violence!

Why doesn't the main stream media cover this stuff! Oh...yea Brittany Spears didn't make a statement.

I think the article is spot on as to the dangers of the Muslim Brotherhood.

I think that religion and science should be partners in a better world. Science helping us explore God's creation with a sense of wonder and respect and religion helping us put it in perspective for ourselves. God gave us minds to use them. With the heart and mind together, we see God better.

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