Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Italian court rules in favor of crucifix in classroom

I'll repost the article. (link)

Feb. 15 ( - Italy's top administrative court has dismissed a lawsuit that sought to have the crucifix removed from public-school classrooms.

A 19-page decision from the Council of State ruled that the crucifix is a symbol of "principles that undergird and inspire our constitution." For that reason, the judges said, the crucifix has an educational value for Italian students.

The court's decision marked the second time that a top Italian tribunal had found in favor of displaying the crucifix. In 2004 the country's top constitutional court rejected an effort to remove the crucifix, but offered no explanation for its decision.

You mean taht Christianity is part of history? Not just the mistakes we've made, but from a moral basis standpoint. Well. Wow.

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Egypeter said...

I'd like to propose legislation that ALL SCHOOLS in Italy and the US are required to hang a crucifix!

I hope Italy never becomes as silly as the US with the whole "pc" thing.