Monday, February 27, 2006

On the Less serious side, a baseball post.

I saw the article headline:

First woman among 17 elected to baseball Hall of Fame (link)

Now, anyone who knows me knows that I love baseball. Man O' man do I! In the interest of full disclosure, I am a Yankee fan. My grandfather was born in 1910 and was a Yankee fan his whole life. He passed it onto my twin sister and I.

But the article above speaks of Effa Manley the owner of the Newark Eagles of the Negro Leagues. In addition to her, many other Negro League players are to be inducted...that always makes me happy. They were great players and great men. And Mrs. Manley was an amazing woman. Negro League players and executives going in this year are:

Ray Brown
Willard Brown
Andy Cooper
Biz Mackey
Mule Suttles
Cristobal Torriente
Jud Wilson
Frank Grant
Pete Hill
José Méndez
Louis Santop
Ben Taylor
Effa Manley
Alex Pompez
Cum Posey
J.L. Wilkinson
Sol White

To some people those names are unknown, but I love baseball and it's history and WOW! That is the most star studded class since the very first.

The great players who were not allowed to play in the MLB should be right there in the hall of fame. As was said at the funeral for a former negro league great:

"it is sad you guys didn't get to play against the best." The response, "Who says we didn't."

But Buck O' Neil was not inducted. He, for those who don't know, was not as good as the other players. He was good. Maybe great. But not hall of fame. Not as a player...but he is responsible for the movement that got everyone else in. If you ever have a chance to listen to an interview with the man, do so.

He is a living font of baseball history, and a good man. His book, "I was right on time." is a must read for a baseball fan. Buck O' Neil loves life, and honors the memory of all those who played with him. He'll get in someday...but you know, Buck is probably just happy for the others right now.

The man in the picture is Satchel Paige. The greatest pitcher, of any race, to ever play the game.


Egypeter said...

Hehe...pretty cool man.

I, myself, am a HUGE Cubs fan. I started following the Cubbies ever since I was a little kid and have been a rabid fan for two decades!

HATE the White Sux though :)

DavidNic said...

Here's to a Cubs-Yankees world series.

That would be a baseball classic.

DavidNic said...

I sometimes describe the diverse nature of my wedding party in two ways.

Groom: Catholic/Yankee Fan

Best man: Catholic/Pirates Fan

Wife's Brother: Catholic/Pirates fan

My friend Norman: Methodist/Twins

My friend Ciruce: Muslim/Cubs Fan

My favorite picture from my wedding that does not have my wife in it is the best man and I outside the church; with our baseball gloves...him with a Pirates hat and me with a Yankees hat.