Sunday, February 26, 2006

Kidnapped Egyptian Woman contacts Family

Here is a link to this story (LINK)

I can not republish this article because I do not have the rights to it, but it is linked above.

In summation Theresa Ghattass Kamal has contacted her family in a brief phone call and stated that she has:

"Not yet succumbed to her captors demands that she become a muslim."

This contradicted police statements that she converted and did not want to see her family.

The article covers all of this better than me right now, please read it.

I'm looking into getting the rights so I can post the whole article. It needs to be in as many places as possible.


erudit said...

David, thanks for your visit to my boyfriend Addai's blog. I'm happy to see your love and regard for the Coptic Church.

I'm a Penn State grad... are you with the university?


DavidNic said...

Yes, I work at the library. So does my wife. We are a Penn State family. It is kind of funny, we met when she was at Schuylkill Campus and I came up here as she finished her degree.

I got a job here at the library, then she graduated and works here too.

Penn State...Cows and Nittany Lions...but the squirrels should be the mascot, as you know they are everywhere.

Egypeter said...

Hey can we all please give a little respect to the BOILERMAKERS! All this Big Ten talk has got me fired up! :)

Egypeter said...

And on a way more serious note.

Thanks for posting this article David. This is quite a terrible crime that I'm afraid happens in Egypt several times a year. The UN's Human Rights Agency has cited this in their reports on Egypt in the past and the problem persists till this very day. It's crazy that this happens anywhere in the world where women are abducted and forcefully converted to Islam, it's horrifying.
Well, thanks for posting. Very interesting.

DavidNic said...

Ah..the big ten. Where we all know Michigan refs cheat:) I'll give some love to the Boilermakers, It's always a good game when they play.

erudit said...

Ah, the library! I spent many an hour... :) I'm actually nostalgic for that place, though. I love libraries. I used to sit at the study desks in the stacks, looking out over that part of campus where the Lion is... I forget the name of the street.

Egypeter, it's hard for those of us in the west to picture these sorts of kidnappings, etc., really happening. It's just so irrational that it doesn't seem to compute. Why oppress a people so much, especially when Islam gives lip service to respecting religious minorities???