Sunday, February 26, 2006

British religious leaders agree to teach many faiths in schools

A link to the article (link).

I learned about other faiths in my Catholic education here in America. As the manager for the Catholic education service said:

"It's been our position for some years that children in Catholic schools should have the opportunity to learn about other faiths," he said. "There has been concern in the last couple of years that some of the newer schools, particularly some independent Muslim schools, haven't been teaching a sufficiently wide curriculum.

"It's not a complaint that has been made about Catholic schools, but it's useful, we think, to reaffirm the church's commitment in this area," he said.

Walsh said the policy allowed Catholic pupils to "increase their understanding of contemporary society."

He said it encouraged their "religious literacy and helped them to develop ethically and spiritually."

To know other fatihs brings us closer to our own, and helps us open the lines of communication with each other.

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