Thursday, February 16, 2006

Religious intolerance is taught every day, says Church in Pakistan

Here is a link to the story (link)

A quote:

“One cannot expect people not to practice what they learn,” it read. “Intolerance is found in textbooks, the media, and policies based on discriminatory laws” like the blasphemy law. “We must confront all this in order for our society to develop a culture of peace”.

I am amazed at the obvious nature of this statement. It is something that the western world keeps ignoring. If you teach hatred on an institutional level, people will hate.

At the same time the media asks, "what goes into making someone a Muslim Fundamentalist?" Do they mean besides setting out to do so through the state sponsored education system?

Pakistan is quickly becoming the focal point of the riots. You know Pakistan, the place the government says is one of our best allies...right after, oh yeah...Saudi Arabia.

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