Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Unicef Releases Report On Children Situation

It is short so I will repost the whole article:

Luanda, 02/15 - A report on the situation of children in the world in 2005 entitled "Excluded and Invisible", will be launched on February 23rd at the amphitheatre of the Catholic University of Angola in Luanda by the United Nations Children`s Fund (Unicef).

According to a communiqu`, issued by the UN children agency, which ANGOP had got access on Wednesday, the report examines the situation facing the most vulnerable children in the world.

The note adds that the children are more likely to become invisible and forgotten and they are grouped into different circumstances, namely lack of official identity, for those who do not receive care from their progenitors.

The title "Excluded and Invisible" is very true and very sad. The report itself is already out. Below are links to some ways to view it.

(link) UNICEF web page with the ability to go to different sections of the report
(link) The Full report for download

I have not read the full report yet, but I plan to this weekend.

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