Monday, February 13, 2006

Pakistan: Muslim women vandalize Church

This story shows not only the violence that exists, but how the authorities refuse to do anything but oppose it in name only. (link)

From the story:

A crowd of Muslim women and a few men attacked a Catholic church in Pakistan's Punjab province recently, injuring two Christian women - one 70 years old - and vandalizing the building.

At least three men and 20 women attacked the Kawanlit village chapel on February 3, leaving 70-year-old Veero Mehnga Masih with broken legs and also injuring Saleema Mazir Masih, 50. The mob broke windows, smashed the altar and burned Bibles.

And the response of the police:

Despite prompt condemnation of the violence from church leaders across Punjab, police refused to file an official complaint.

and of course:

The mob threatened the Christians with further attacks if they attempted to seek legal recourse.

As always, there is no American media coverage of a 70 year old woman having her legs broken. If they covered this story, the media would have to break their own falsehood that average people do not engage in these attacks on Christians. They would also have to admit that both sexes promote and perform this type of action.

It is so easy to say that the average fundamentalist is a young male Muslim youth on the outside of socitey. But in reality, people on the outside of society in these countries are the Muslims who want peace and the Christians being killed and maimed.

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