Thursday, April 27, 2006

Update on Andrea Clark

I'll repost this from Lone Star Times (link):

The family learned of a facility in Illinois that is willing to accept Andrea and offer her the opportunity to live, an expensive move that would require Andrea to be far removed from her family.

However, placing corporate greed ahead of all patient interests and the interests and wishes of the family, St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital has just notified the family that they are willing to pay the almost $17,000 to move Andrea to Illinois if they will immediately - that’s TODAY, move Andrea out of St. Lukes to the Illinois facility. If the family waits until tomorow to decide, St. Lukes will only pay half. And if the family can’t make a decision by tomorow, the hospital may consider to pay absolutely nothing. In other words, the hospital is attempting to force Andrea out of the hospital in order to stop the financial drain of the cost of her care.

Meanwhile, the family is struggling to find a facility in Texas that will accept Andrea, who has insurance, but is being squeezed also by the insurance company. Is this fair?

The family needs time to make such a momentous decision, one that places their mother and sister far away from them and a patient that needs her family far removed from home. Although moving Andrea to Illinois is better than the alternative - essentially being euthanized by St. Lukes Hospital in Texas under an incredible law that encourages murder for profit, the family deserves time to descide.

Although I rejoice that a facility will take her, this proves that it is all about money.

National Review Online also has an article on it (link).


erudit said...

Thank you for bringing this to my attention! I've been emailing news outlets to try to get the story picked up.

It's really incredible to me that all this is taking place at a supposedly faith-based hospital. In past cases they admitted they went ahead with such proceedings because insurance coverage was running out.

DavidNic said...

Bless you for bringing attention to it!

They don't even try to hide the money connection anymore. And all of the good being done to raise awareness is being done by blogs...not the main media.