Friday, April 28, 2006

A Thank You to all my readers

In the last month there have been very few happy things to write about. But as I get ready for bed it occurs to me that the responses from everyone who reads this blog serve to give me hope.

From the persecution of Coptic Christians to the case of Andrea Clark, I have seen true Christian behavior and love from all of you who read this blog.

What I see is a group of people who, regardless of differences on some theological issues, care about life. You all care about people and bring Christ to others daily.

The mainstream media does not really cover the issues mentioned often on this blog, but the events of the last month show us that a difference can be made.

Some peaceful protests have placed the plight of Coptic Christians in the view of more people. And the Andrea Clark case, covered only by bloggers, has resulted in her being moved to a hospital that will care for her.

Oh...there is a way to go:

Copts are still second class citizens in their homeland and they suffer for the love of Christ.

Texas can still remove treatment from a patient even if they want to live.

People still ignore the Armenian Genocide.

And those who work with the poorest of the poor are still sometimes killed by those they try to help, like Sister Karen Klimczak.

There is still suffering.

But today, even though a family had their hearts wrenched by the medical system, a woman's life was saved.

Think for a moment. A life. The outcome was not perfect, but bloggers covered a story the media would not touch and people responded.

Some people called the hospital. Some mentioned the story to a friend who mentioned it to another and some Prayed. Even for a moment, they raised their minds to our Lord and prayed. And we can see, we are blessed to see (because He knows we need to see sometimes) that a life...a human life, goes on.

Peter, who in alot of ways was the first (followed shortly by Bent, I think you guys got here the same day) constant reader of this blog (other than my wife, her father and my good friends Prashant, Sarah and Julia) posted a comment today that describes all of you:

I Read this the other day and thought about you and your blog.

"There should be no schism in the body, but that the members should have the same care for one another. And if one member suffers, all the members suffer with it; or if one member is honored, all the members rejoice with it."

1 Cor. 12:25-26

I read this and I think of all of you, those whose names I know and those I do not.

I have some running around to do tomorrow and I wanted to get this thank you out there before the weekend. I'll keep doing what I'm doing and all of you (with blogs and without) keep doing what you are doing.

Thank you all, from the deepest part of my heart.
May God bless you. And may God bless us, The One Body in Christ.


Egypeter said...

Thanks Dave.

It was super easy to appreciate how genuine and heart-felt your postings on this blog were. And that's what keeps me coming back :)

You are a Christian soldier and you care about other matter how far away they are on this earth. You care about issues that many others don't even know about. And that's why this blog is on my "favorite's list" You talk about Christians in Egypt, Armenia, Turkey...places that people in the west don't even know Christians exist. It's not totally their fault, they are after all, on the other side of the globe. But you bring light to their plights and raise awareness, which is SO important.

Just a quick side note about the Armenians. I was in Turkey last Oct. and had a chance to visit much of the country. The current country of Turkey is really beautiful. Had a great time. And modern-day Istanbul/Constantinople is quite a cosmopolitan and TOLERANT muslim capital. A far far cry from its days as the Ottoman Empire. The crimes that civilization commited against it's neighboors and enemies are absolutely HORRIFIC. The Byzantine Orthodox Christians were the first to witness to it. Every single man, woman and child in that city had their throat slit, forced into slavery, or sadly (and the worst) converted to Islam. Their 1453 conquest and plunder of the city and all its beautiful Christian relics/treasures is almost impossible to stomach. What they did to Haghia Sophia is disgusting. How effective was their attempt at exterminating Christianity? Basically, there aren't any Byzantine Orthodox left in the world but a very small population. So my point, the Ottomans were pure evil and what they did to the Armenian Orthodox, prior to their fall, in the early 20th century, is also pure evil. It's really not much different than what Hitler did except that it was in a remote part of the world and overshadowed by the Holocaust. The world needs to know what the Turks did. And the denial of these factual historical is simply appalling! Crimes against humanity and attempted Ethnic Cleansing should be revealed for the world to see and they should be held accountable. My heart goes out to Armenians who bore the full brunt of the Muslims and still survied...only through God's Grace...much like the Copts. Also, the Armenian Orthodox Church is in full communion with the Coptic Orthodox Church. I guess it's the tie that binds us all...Muslim persecution/slaughter.

So, it should be a "Thank You" to you David. Keep up the great work and I'll keep reading!!

God Bless,
In Christ

Julia said...

"There should be no schism in the body, but that the members should have the same care for one another. And if one member suffers, all the members suffer with it; or if one member is honored, all the members rejoice with it."

It makes me smile. At the end of the day, I feel that denomination doesn't matter that much. We've all got our quirks, no one is perfect, but it doesn't matter so much how we worship as that we worship at all. Maybe even other religions, like Buddhism and Wicca, are just ways that people try to recognize God in their lives and in the world. And I don't think the fact that many of us identify with one group over another should ever come between people when it comes to loving each other and being there for each other.

I pray every night for terrorists and extremists of all stripes. I can only imagine how much pain they must be in to find that kind of hatred a viable alternative. I can only imagine how much pain they must be in because of their hatred, and how much damage they do to themselves along with everyone else. It's a trap, that kind of hatred, because once you act on it once, you start feeling like you're forced to stick with it. To acknowledge that you're wrong...imagine how hard it must be for these people, who've taken hundreds of lives and created so much suffering, to admit that they're wrong, and to accept that much guilt upon their own heads. I feel sorry for them, and I hope that some of them, at least, are able to find that kind of strength.

Bent El Neel said...

Hey David
It's a pleasure to be able to share your thoughts and feelings every day :)

We all, as members of the Body should band together. And with people like you around that shouldn't be too hard. I for one really appreciate your commitment to bringing to light all these issues. The more people are aware, the more they pray, the more they want to do something about it.

Thank you Dave and God bless you. You are always in our prayers :)