Sunday, April 16, 2006

Coptic Persecutions in Egypt

I have placed a link under the blog title and I am constantly updating the Post from Friday until further notice (link).

I'll still be doing my normal posts and will comment on specific events, but the post from Good Friday will contain a running list of current links and remain linked to at the top of the blog.


SweetLady_Tiger said...


I saw that you had posted a comment on my Blog and followed the link to your profile and then to your Blog. This is a nice Blog. While I am not Coptic myself, if you had read some of my earlier posts on my Blog, I have a Coptic friend. Sometimes the things he tells me in Instant Message breaks my heart. It is very frustrating to me that we do not hear more about the plight of the Copts from the Main Stream Media. I am doing every thing in my power to make sure that the story of the Copts gets out. I am more into exposing the evil things about Islam and most of the time that is what my Blog is about. Thank you for signing my Blog. I have Bookmarked your Blog and will be coming back.

DavidNic said...

I am not Coptic either, but I, like you, do everything in my power to let people know what they go through.

Even today as I kept updating about what was going on, I was checking the mainstream media and there was silence.

I bookmarked your blog as well and will check it often.

Egypeter said...

God bless you both!!!