Sunday, April 09, 2006

Palm Sunday

As they were reading the passion today, as we do on Palm Sunday, I almost had to laugh at myself.

It ended with the stone being closed over the tomb. I thought to myself, hey...finish the story.

Of course, that is what this week is about. Holy Week. Holy Week if there ever was one. The heart of the faith is remembered this week in loving fashion. But as far as the Resurrection, well, that comes later.

My knee jerk thought is a reminder: Move slowly. Never forget what proceeds the Resurrection. The great sacrifice. The greatest act of love in the history of salvation. Take time this week to notice that act of love. Let it be a call to perform acts of faith filled love for our fellow people. Let the cross always go before us, as it is with us in our hearts.

May our faith in our Lord. Our understanding of His love. And our knowledge of the triumph over death, be in our hearts this week. But let us remember the sacrifice and remember our brothers and sisters in the world who also make the greatest sacrifice for the love of Christ.

Move slowly. Love deeply. The Cross of the Savior is with us, leading toward the triumph over death.

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