Tuesday, April 11, 2006

A focus on Saints of the Coptic Orthodox Church after Easter

Those who read the blog know that after Easter I will be doing posts on the Saints of our brothers and sisters in the Coptic Orthodox Church. Oriental Orthodox, Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholics share a great deal of early saints.

There are saints, however, that most of us in the west have never heard of before. There are also saints shared by both churches that most Catholics don't know about. For example, the Catholic Church considers St. Moses the Black and St. Mena to be saints. How many Catholic know their stories?

Over at Neferteeti's blog after Easter, she will be doing Some Catholic saints.

For my Coptic friends who read this blog, I'm going to post a list of saints I plan to post on. If you have any info or favorite stories about them, please email me through my profile or post a link in the comments.

Here is an early list:

St. Mark
St. Moses the Black
St. Sedhom Bishay
Simon the tanner
St. Mina
St. Demiana
St. Mary of Egypt
Saint Maurice and the Theban Legion
St. Barbara
St. Nicholas

If I have missed anyone who you think should be included, just let me know. I'm learning alot researching all of this, and hope that we can all grow closer to Christ through the stories of these holy men and women.

The image above is Saints Joachim and Anna, the grandparents of our Lord.


Egypeter said...

Thanks David. I can't wait.

Looks to me like a pretty solid list...lookin' forward to it friend.

erudit said...

Great idea, I'll be reading both!

ooze addai said...

by the way nice coptic icon, I dont think I've since this one before.

DavidNic said...

I got the icon from: