Monday, April 17, 2006

Coptic Persecution and The Best question yet for Americans: Why are our tax dollars supporting persecution?

I was reading this over on The Free Copts and I'll repost it here:

Immediate Release
April 15, 2006

Contact: Maria Sliwa, 973-272-2861,

Violence Erupts Before Coptic Holy Week
Thousands of Copts Join Protest during Funeral Procession Today

Four Churches attacked, while Copts celebrate Last Friday of Lent
1 Dead, 17 Wounded

See graphic photos of the attacks with up-to-date information click on

Thousands of Copts joined the funeral procession for Noshy Atta Guirgis, the Coptic Christian killed during the attacks on four Coptic churches in Alexandria, Egypt yesterday, the last Friday of Lent. Seventeen Copts were also injured during the attacks.

Earlier today Muslims clashed with Copts who were peacefully marching along the funeral route in Alexandria. The Copts are protesting official statements made by Egyptian officials regarding the church attacks.

In a public Communiqué release earlier today, the Alexandria Clergy Council and the Alexandria Laymen Council, condemned the official statements by Egyptian officials on the attacks as “deceptive” and lacking in “transparency.”

Amgad Zakhari, a youth leader with the New Jersey-based International Christian Union, has been in constant contact with his brother, who has joined the funeral procession, and with his cousin who has barricaded himself inside of his store, located along the funeral route, because he fears further attacks by Muslims.

“The situation is escalating, as multitudes of Muslims are surrounding Christians,” Zakhari said.

Copts throughout the U.S. are speaking out against the church attacks, and are asking the U.S. government, which gives billions of dollars in aid to Egypt to intervene.

“Egypt is the second largest recipient of US aid,” Zakari said. “Why is the US government doing nothing about this and why are US taxpayers supporting Christian persecution in the Middle East?”

According to Dr. Monir Dowoud, president of the International Christian Union, Copts in Egypt have been the victims of severe human rights abuses and oppression for many years.

“The incidents are usually covered up or downplayed by the Egyptian government, but are increasing in severity,” Dowoud said. “The shocking truth is that Copts in Egypt are frequently attacked, kidnapped and violently persecuted by radical Muslims, with the tacit consent and cooperation by Egyptian Security Forces and Government officials.”

And the bolded red part is a very good question. If someone who has been reading all of this thought, "well, it is not my place to write congress."

Well, yes it is. It is by the basic fact that all human life has value and people are suffering. It also, if you need a different reason, is our place because we are all supporting this persecution.

I'm not saying advocate violence, but if we are going to send aid to Egypt we shold send it through charities and reliable groups and not a corrupt government that oppresses it's people.

If you want to contact Congress to advocate that funding to Egypt be sent directly to it's people through reliable international charities and organizations:

(link) House of Representatives
(link) E mail and Fax numbers for Congress and state Governors

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