Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Risen Christ, The Wounds of Christ and Prayers for Our Coptic Brothers and Sisters

Today, for Roman Catholics, it is Easter. He is Risen! Hallelujah!

Death has been set lo' by our loving God. The way has been opened, the battle won.

How many times do we say, "I would do this, if I knew it ended well."

This we know, our road is difficult but salvation has been won. The battle is already decided. Christ the Lord is victorious.

Why then, are there still wouonds on the body of the Risen Lord? Why do the marks of the crucifixion still linger? Could God not have erased these marks as He did our sins? Would it not be a more powerful symbol, were they gone?

Yes, but this isn't a symbol. It is a reality.

Christ has Died
Christ has Risen
Christ will come again

And we must not forget the cross or it's meaning. We must not forget the difficult road, and the total sacrifice of our Lord. And that we are called to bear our own cross.

As we look today upon the Risen Lord, let us not ignore His wounds. These wounds satisfied the doubt of Thomas and proved to all that this was the Man who had died, and was now Risen.

But as we look at the wounds of Christ, let us remember that our brothers and sisters in Christ around the world still suffer. Let us remember in our prayers our Coptic Brothers and sisters in Egypt and their suffering, a fact brought home by the events of the last few days (link). Let us remember our Coptic brothers and sisters around the world, forever the children of a great land and a great Apostolic church.

Lord, as Peter and Mark were family. As we all are One Body in Christ the Lord. Protect Your children. Send Your love and blessings, as you always have, upon the See of St. Mark and Your children who suffer for the love of You. The wounds of Christ are still visible upon the Risen Lord, not as a weakness...but to show us that suffering is part of the world. But that suffering Lord, is defeated by your Glorious Resurrection.

As our Coptic brothers and sisters begin Holy Week, may You be with them in their trials. Comfort Your people Lord, who have suffered and do suffer. May You be for them, as you always have, a loving Father. May they be to You, as they always have, Your faithful children in the face of persecution.


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