Thursday, March 16, 2006

Women Religious Stabbed to Death in Moluccas

Women Religious Stabbed to Death in Moluccas

AMBON, Indonesia, MARCH 15, 2006 ( A Catholic nun was fatally stabbed by an intruder in her convent near Ambon, in the Molucca Islands, according to the Vatican-related Fides agency.

The 33-year-old sister, a member of a community of Daughters of the Sacred Heart, happened upon an intruder last Friday in the convent at Jalan Pattimura. The assailant then attacked her with a knife.

The woman religious, whose name was not released, was found by other religious and rushed to a hospital, where she died.

According to local sources, religion was not the reason for the crime. The nun's murderer is thought to have been a common thief, Fides said today.

In 1999-2002 Ambon was the scene of interreligious clashes between resident Protestant Christians and immigrant Muslims in which as many as 15,000 people were killed. The Catholic Church acted as a mediator to promote reconciliation.

Local sources say there are isolated attempts by extremists to rekindle the conflict, in part by taking advantage of the region's poverty.

I am not up to speed on Mouluccas. Here is a link with some info. A brief quote:

“The military and police should protect people and not create problems,” said the relative of the injured boy. Another resident added: “These tensions risk destroying the peace only recently re-established.”

The conflict between Christians and Muslims in the Moluccas (1999 – 2001) led to the death of 5,000 people and the displacement of 500,000.

May our prayers be with them to prevent another horrible clash of hatred.

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