Thursday, March 23, 2006

Pun intended...This is just Crazy

I'll repost the whole articel from Catholic World News:

Insanity finding or execution in Afghan apostasy trial?

Kabul, Mar. 23 ( - Afghanistan's government is asking for "public understanding of the sensitivity of religious issues," in response to worldwide protests of the "apostasy" trial in which a Christian man could face the death sentence.

A statement released by Afghanistan's embassy in Washington, DC, sought to deflect the criticism with the announcement that the country's courts are now "evaluating questions raised about the mental fitness" of Abdul Rahman. The statement hints that the Christian convert could escape punishment if he is found mentally unfit.

So, if you turn to love and peace over killing anyone who offends're insane. You know, if sanity is the logic of the world over the Love of God. And to choose the love of God over the world is insane. Ok. Sign me up.


Bent El Neel said...

I beg your pardon!!!! So they're basically saying that if you convert to Christianity you're probably insane?

Egypeter said...

Haha. LOL. Neferteeti you should know that this is a ploy that is commonly used to justify someone leaving Islam.

Being an Egyptian, I've heard this statement before.

There is a famous story in Egypt about the miracle of the moving of Makatam Mountain in the 12th century or around that time. After the miracle the governor of Egypt, a muslim, converted to Chrisitianity and became a monk. The muslims at the time said he went crazy but he actually became a Coptic monk and went off to live in a monastary in the desert. Pretty cool story.

So hearing these crazy Afghanis saying this guy is insane is quite hysterical to me.

DavidNic said...

I have heard about Makatam Mountian and want to do a post on it sometime. What is the whole story? I seems like a very wonderful Miracle.

Egypeter said...

What's up buddy?

I have some great links for you about St. Simon the Tanner :)

I looked it up and it refreshed my memory how awesome this story is!! It's gives you more insight on how fervent Copts are :) I learned quite a bit by researching it thanks :)

You'll enjoy the story cuz the Venetian Marco Polo has an account. Two sites to read:

And then pictures:

I've been there. It's unbelievable to say the least. Enjoy

DavidNic said...

What an excellent miracle. I'll be sure to keep it on my short list for a future post. Ahh, the full circle of things. I'd did like the account of Marco Polo very much. I'm thankful for his account...and as always in Lent, I'm thankful he brought Pasta back from Asia :)