Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Historic Coptic Monastery Threatened

This is a post over are Free Copts (link).

Many in the west are not aware of the spiritual debt we own to our Coptic brothers and sisters for the monastic tradition. The ascetic tradition of Monasticism is ancient and valuable. The Celtic tradition owes it's very existence to the Coptic faith. This Monastery is one of the first to ever exist.

St. Anthony the Great, also called St. Anthony of Egypt is held in great love and respect by both the east and the west. He is considered a saint by all of the Apostolic Churches. He is also the founder of Monasticism. This is one of the comon links that unite us, despite our differences, as One Body in Christ.

In the west we generally think of St. Benedict, but that is a different type of Monasticism (link).

Here are some links to explain the great gift that we have received from these holy men and women:

Celtic Monasticism and the influence of the Coptic Tradition

Coptic Monasticism (link)

May we pray for our Coptic brothers and sisters. May we raise our voices as one against this attack on the common roots of the One Body of Christ.


Egypeter said...

Thank you David

DavidNic said...

Anytime. May God guide us in all our actions to a greater love and knowledge of each other.