Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Thereza Ghattass Kamal, may the Lord protect her

Neferteeti has a post on the situation of Thereza Ghattass Kamal(link). The original article is from the Canadian Coptic Association. Here is a link for their site (link), and here is a link to their original story (link).

Thereza was kidnapped in a forced conversion attempt and has managed to call her family. Here is a quote from Neferteeti's blog:

"Why have you all left me? Theyve kidnapped me and are treating me very badly. They want to force me to convert and I don't know where I am"

The aunt had caller ID on her phone and the call was traced back to someone who works for the Egyptian State Security!!

State security. May the Lord protect her, and deliver her back to her family. It is hard for Americans to really wrap their minds around this, but we must.

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