Sunday, March 19, 2006

The UN Throws Denmark under the bus

Here is the link.

Ok, I agree that people can not just trod on the religious beliefs of others. But is that what the newspaper did? Or were they making a political statement, covered by free speech, about what radical Islamic factions do to their own faith?

I think it is the second one. Did a cartoonist draw the cartoon? Oh yes.

Did a paper print it? Again yes.

But who created the image? Who led the world to view the religion in that way? I'd say the fundamentalists. Just the same way Christian fundamentalists create negative views of Christ. And the negative views created by them are always protected.

If the Catholic Church creates a bad image for Christ or the Church by our actions, like...say the sexual abuse issue...we should focus on fixing the issue that creates the image, not telling people they should not have the image that our inaction created.

But the UN is too scared that riots will break out in their own countries, so they throw Denmark under the bus.

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