Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Christian Women in Pakistan work to be one body despite persecution

This article shows great courage and faith (link).

To quote:

Christian women held an inter-denominational Easter prayer meeting in the village of Haji Gaga, 55 km south of Punjab’s capital of Lahore on the initiative of Milap, a Christian lay organisation well appreciated by the Pakistani Church for its work in favour of inter-faith dialogue.

The meeting took place last Saturday and involved about a hundred Protestant and Catholic women. They all said they appreciated the experience, many adding that they were moved by the chance of following in the footsteps of Jesus’ Passion. They also plan to make a monthly occurrence.

May God bless their efforts and keep them safe.

Shafia Yosuaf, a Catholic participant, said that the Passion of Christ “was presented so well that people felt they were in the real situation. It was like we were walking with Jesus on the road to Calvary.”

She added that “as we were listening [. . .], most of the ladies, even some of the men, were crying. It was so touching because it is like what is happening today to Christians in Pakistan”.

Ms Piara said during Lent “churches are full on Sundays. Since we are in a Muslim country and face many difficulties, the Passion of Christ draws many people who feel they are sharing in Jesus’ suffering because this happens every day”.

May the Lord protect us all, and lead us to understand and love one another.

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