Monday, March 27, 2006

Our Great Examples a mirror of the Greatest Example

Neferteeti has an excellent post on St Sidhom Bishay (link). St. Sidhom's story, a story I did not know, is an excelltent reminder in these times of the sacrifice of the holy martyrs. It is a story that is a true testament of love and strength.

I've been thinking that after Easter I will do a month where I focus on the lives and stories of the many saints who are great examples of our shared Christian lives. What I hope to do is focus on Saints that are shared by all the Apostolic Churches and also saints held by our brothers and sisters that Roman Catholics may not know about.

In the true spirit of the communion of saints, I will focus on "all saints known and unknown."

In lent I will do some days on the holy martyrs.

If anyone has stories or favorite saints, post some links in the comments or use the email function in my profile.

I already know I will do St. Simon the Tanner, but there are many wonderful stories that enrich our faith and unity.


Bent El Neel said...

I can't wait to read about all the beautiful saints you'll be talking about. And in that spirit, I'd like to post about the Catholic saints I have come to know through my husband and his family. That's what we should do as children of Jesus; talk about what brings us together :)

DavidNic said...

Amen to that.

erudit said...

Pavel also posted on his blog today about St. Sidhom Bishay.


DavidNic said...

I'm Glad the story of St. Sidhom is on a bunch of blogs. A true sign that these great martyrs are living signs and examples for us. In our world today the great saints must remain in our hearts where they can lead us to Christ, and a greater love and compassion for each other.