Friday, March 03, 2006

Head of Pediatrics Department Resigns to Protest Discrimination Against Coptic Christians

There are links to this story at:

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But so it is in as many places as possible I'll repost the text of the letter from Prof. Dr. Salem Ahmad Sallam :

I would like you to accept my resignation from heading the department of pediatrics to protest the antagonistic practices by the medical teaching staff against the resident Mira Maher Raouf ( A Coptic female physician) in order to prevent her from holding a teaching post solely because of her faith. In addition, I'm protesting the university's negligence in addressing such grave matter despite the abhorrent mistreatment and injustice against the (Coptic) physician.

Upholding citizenship rights is of great importance in order to achieve a comprehensive development of the Egyptian society in all aspects. There is no citizenship rights without providing an equal opportunity to everyone regardless of their religious affiliations."

May the Lord be thanked for this Muslim doctor and his courage. Love will overcome fear. I pray that when one stands others may join him.

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