Friday, May 19, 2006

The Tragedy of a Coptic Family

The Free Copts has the story (link).

This is from a comment at The Free Copts:

The National American Coptic Assembly condemns the arrest of Midhat Azziz, a 33 year-old Coptic Egyptian Christian. The Egyptian State Security Intelligence (SSI) has detained Mr. Azziz under vague circumstances. His wife and three kids do not know the reason behind his arrest. They also are not aware of where he is currently detained.

Mr. Aziz is a Christian, who refused to convert into Islam. He was exposed to several temptations offered by Islamist groups. Moreover, He endured a great pressure to renounce his Christian faith, including a false accusation of Battery and Assault. He was beaten up, humiliated and harassed by SSI, because he was proud of his faith. Mr. Aziz has been detained for more than six months without any court decision or legitimate charges.

The American Coptic Assembly calls for the immediate release of Mr. Aziz to reunite with his family. The Assembly urges the U.S. Congress and Committee of Religious Freedom to promote the right of religious freedom in Egypt. Finally, The Assembly invokes President George W. Bush to assist in elevating all forms of discrimination against the Coptic Christian minority in Egypt.

For More information regarding Mr. Aziz case, you could either contact Morris Sadek at or watch a recorded video interview in (Arabic) with Mr. Aziz’s family on

National American Coptic Assembly
Washington DC
Mr. Morris Sadek-ESQ President

May they be in our prayers and our hearts.

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