Thursday, May 11, 2006

This is very bad: Violence at demonstrations in Egypt

Sandmonkey has on-going coverage (link). Today there is a protest for the judges in Egypt. I'll quote Sandmonkey's post so you have an idea of how bad it is getting:

Today's demonstration has about 2000 people so far, MB mixed with Kifaya and union members, and they were demonstrating in support of the judges today.For the first 20 minutes or so, the police just let them demonstrate peacefully. And then, all of a sudden, all hell broke loose.

The Riot Police, alongside thugs and plain-clothed police officers went and attacked the demonstrations with batons on Adly street, and then started arresting them. A group of protesters got trapped in front of the engineer's syndicate on Ramsis street, and the police is beating them up, dragging them on the street and arresting them. The Police also reportedly beat up another group of protesters from the pharmacists syndicate and also attacked some US journalists who were taking pictures and broke their cameras. Another group of MB that was demonstrating at the Al Fatah mosque is currently also getting beat up and in the process of getting arrested. This is bad!

Plainclothes policemen dragged away cameramen from news organisations, including Reuters and Al Jazeera television, and confiscated their cameras.

An Al Jazeera cameraman was badly beaten, an Al Jazeera correspondent said.

Plainclothes police dragged 15 demonstrators from a
crowd of around 300 marching in Cairo in support of the judges and beat
them badly. At least one activist was seen bleeding from the face after
he was held against a wall and beaten.

Other demonstrators dispersed when the security
forces began their crackdown. The demonstrators had included supporters
of the opposition Muslim Brotherhood and secular activists.

The security re-enforcments have arrived. There are about 10,000 of them in downtown cairo, and they still can not contain the situation. The demos are still spreading like wildfire, and the moment they put one out, 2 more prop up in 2 different locations in its place. The Police got so frustrated, they shut down all the doors to the Metro (The Underground) at the Ramses station stop, except one, to stop more people from coming thorugh there and joining the protests.

Keep checking Sandmonkey for updates. I'll do my best with my strange work hours this week to stay on top of it as well.

More updates from Sandmonkey (link)

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