Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Canada states recognition of Armenian Genocide. Thank you Canada, for your courage in saying the truth

All too often in this world the truth is not stated because it is inconvient. When the issue is recognizing the Armenian Genocide that is very true. Turkey reacts very badly when this happens. An example is occuring right now with Canada.

The Armenian Affiars blog has the post on the story (link).

A quote:

Turkey has recalled its ambassador to Canada as the country plots an official response to Prime Minister Stephen Harper's recent acknowledgement of the 1915 Armenian genocide -- one of the most disputed and politically fraught events of the 20th century.

Harper's three-paragraph statement April 19 to mark the "sombre anniversary" -- the first time that Canada has made such a statement -- barely caught the attention of most Canadians, but it ignited a furor in Ankara that appears set to boil over.

An official at the Turkish Embassy in Ottawa told CanWest News Service that Aydemir Erman has not been formally withdrawn from Canada over the prime minister's comments, but he has been "called back" to Turkey to discuss with government officials what steps will be taken to express displeasure with the remarks.

These strongarm tactics show just how far apart Turkey is from the rest of the world. Often I have heard it said that Turkey is the most progressive of the Muslim states. I think even a quick survey of the facts would show that as one of the biggest distortions in this century.

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The last line of the next part just blew me away.

"The ambassador is now travelling to Turkey because our authorities have asked him to join them for consultations and, indeed, it is related to what's been happening here in the last week or so here in Canada with the prime minister's declaration," said Yoney Tezel, a counsellor with the embassy.

Ottawa's official position that 1.5 million Armenians were killed in a "genocide" adds Canada to a group of about 25 other countries, including France, Russia, Poland and Argentina.

"For us, this is a serious matter," Tezel said. "The Armenian claims are a direct attack on our identity, on Turkey's history. We feel it's unfair. That's why when these claims find some recognition we always consider that something negative."

Harper's statement, delivered on the 91st anniversary of the bloodbath, noted that both the Senate and the House of Commons have adopted motions acknowledging that a genocide took place.

"My party and I supported those resolutions and continue to recognize them today," he said.
On April 25, Turkey's Foreign Ministry issued a statement accusing Harper of exhibiting a "gravely prejudiced attitude."

A "gravely prejudiced attitude". Words fail. A nation who attempted to wipe out a group of people is calling another gravely prejudiced. These leaders in Turkey are not the ones who performed the genocide, but by this aggressive hatred they are supporting the actions of their ancestors.

The truth will cause problems. The truth always does. Truth and love are often not a part of this world, but they reflect a higher love...not because God does not extend them for us. It is not because humans do not hunger and desire these things. It is because the leaders of nations like Turkey are "gravely prejudiced" against the truth.

Thank you Canada for stating the truth boldly and without fear.

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