Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A Message From Andrea Clark's sister

This is from the sister of Andrea Clark (via the blogs):

"The millions of prayers that have been offered on Andrea's behalf have yielded joyful results! We are delighted to report that St. Luke's hospital has decided to do the right thing and has dropped the futility process that was looming over Andrea's life. A new doctor has taken over her care and is working with a dedicated team of specialists to help Andrea get well. She still has very serious health problems and is facing gallbladder surgery possibly as soon as tomorrow.

Please keep Andrea in your prayers and know that your prayers, calls, emails and letters helped save her life. The family is grateful for all you have done.

Lanore Dixon,
Sister of Andrea Clark

God be Praised. May Andrea and her family remain in our prayers. And may we not cease in fighting this anti-life law.

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