Sunday, June 18, 2006

Cartoon Pigs of the Apocalypse: Turkey Bans Piglet

I do not go in for bashing other countries, but this is just stupid. A country that can not own up to a genocide inflicted on the Armenian people...but they can take the time to ban a cartoon pig.

The story is over at Sandmonkey (link).

The British did it and now in Turkey.

So let's get the run down here for Turkey in the past year (a short and by no means exhaustive list):

The Continued Denial of the Armenian Genocide (link) (link)

Fr. Santoro Murdered (link)

A cover up in Fr Andrea Santoro’s murder (link)

Turkish Authorities Ignoring the Crime (link)

A priest is beaten in Izmir, to the cries of “we will kill you all” (link)

When the children of the Black Sea are taught to hate priests (link)

Catch a killer? Nope.
Stop the beatings of Christians? Nope
Recognize History? Nope
Allow people to worship as they choose? Nope.

Hey that a cartoon Pig? GET IT!!!

And I thought Piglet lost his way alot.


Egypeter said...

And all this from the so-called "model" of the Islamic world. Quite sad really, because Turkey is/was quite secular (as can be for a muslim country)
Looks like they may be regressing to their old "Ottoman Empire days, you know, the one that wiped off the map the Byzantine people back in 1452. That was actually their first crack at genocide, well before the poor Armenians. And they wanna join the EU??

Egypeter said...

Oh, and hope you're feeling better dave.

DavidNic said...

Thanks for asking Pete. I'm feeling better.

CMinor said...

And here I was feeling grouchy about the sudden resurgence of interest in the anti-flag burning amendment. I guess the last refuge of the scoundrel--or perhaps the first one--is actually trivia.

erudit said...

David, that's a hilarious comic. :)

I checked out some Turkish media on this and the general opinion from what I can see is that this is censorship and the height of stupidity. TRT is a national channel, but by far not the only one available- most people have satellite TV and watch the private stations. I suspect Piglet will live on at a more commercially minded outlet.

DavidNic said...

Thank goodness. Poor piglet.

erudit said...

Yeah they're really trashing the decision and for the same reasons you do. For instance here, where they add that TRT has also canned the Muppet Show, Toy Story and Chicken Run for the same reasons. They quote the former director of TRT who was shocked by this and said, "This also shows hostility to animals."

They have an Islamist government, who obviously has been about placing Islamist busybodies in bureaucratic posts. Just what Turkey doesn't need- a more thickheaded, reactionary bureaucracy! Should make them fit right into the European Union, anyway. :)

DavidNic said...

The Muppet Show...Poor Miss Piggy.

Thanks for the info. It is good to see that alot of people think this is just dumb.

Still, a disturbing trend.