Thursday, June 22, 2006

United States Oriental Orthodox-Roman Catholic Theological Consultation Holds Annual Meeting

May we know each other better.

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This group has made progress toward working with each other in recent years:

The United States Oriental Orthodox-Roman Catholic Consultation was established in 1978, and is sponsored jointly by the Bishops' Committee for Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs of the USCCB and the Standing Conference of Oriental Orthodox Churches in America. The Standing Conference includes representatives from the Armenian, Coptic, Ethiopian, Syriac, and Malankara Syrian Orthodox churches. In 1995 the Consultation published "Oriental Orthodox-Roman Catholic Interchurch Marriages and Other Pastoral Relationships," which includes pastoral guidelines for marriages involving the faithful of the two communions as well as ample documentation about the development of the ecumenical relationship between the two communions in recent decades. In 1999 it issued "Guidelines Concerning the Pastoral Care of Oriental Orthodox Students in Catholic Schools."

I fully agree with the intention:

efforts in the contemporary period to overcome the past and work together to offer a common witness. He urged greater cooperation in the future and suggested that invitations be extended to each other when major events take place, that regular meetings be held between Oriental Orthodox hierarchs and their Eastern Catholic counterparts, and that there be more public interaction among the faithful. The presentation was followed by a discussion of ways to increase this type of cooperation in the United States.

May our dialogue remain blessed.

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