Monday, April 02, 2007

As we enter Holy Week and Approach a shared Easter

Every once and awhile it happens. Though we are not unified...the most important day for us is.

And this year we will celebrate Easter on the same day. I'll try and get some posting in this week but I can't promise a lot since work is crazy.

But as we near this Sunday remember that all over the world as one.

Christos anesti
aléthos anesti

Christ is Risen.
Indeed He is Risen.

Al'Masiah qam
haqqan qam

Christo è risuscitato
in verità è resuscitato

And in many other languages (link)

My brothers and sisters who read this blog, I know I have not had a lot of time or posts lately but let us remember this Thursday. Holy Thursday. That through His Body and Blood we are one. And let us remember it not only this Easter Season, but let it go out with us from that day to all days.

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