Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Mona Yacoub

From time to time I have done stories on this blog about the kidnapping and forced conversion of Coptic girls in Egypt. A good friend of this blog, Peter, sent me this story about a Catholic girl who has been taken.

Here is the link (link).

Let me echo a part of this post:

On to what YOU can do, it’s very simple (as I may have mentioned above).

Just pretend this is the Gospel and SPREAD the (not-so-Good) news. TELL people about this poor girl.

Tell your friends online, skip the gossip and share THIS around the water cooler, or even just forward this and other articles to people who might be interested.

Also, educate yourself about kidnapping. It happens all over Egypt, and most cases end up in tragedy, not with a “happy ending.”

And also:

Finally, for the Catholics out there, WRITE to your bishop or priest, and ask them to tell the Pope about his Egyptian daughter whose status as a Christian is hanging in the balance.

It should not matter what faith a person is when an innocent is kidnapped. So many people deny these things happen. If you are a person who does not believe such things happen, then support the investigation of these acts. There is nothing to lose, and if you are wrong innocents will be saved. The only reasonable act of love is to stand against these horrors, no matter who they befall.

If you are a Catholic please write your bishop and talk to your priest about this case. Info on how to contact your bishop or diocese:

[(link) catholic-hierarchy.org] With your bishop will be a link to your diocese web page or other contact info. You can use the search bar to look anywhere in the world.

But do not just mention poor Mona. Bring to light all of our Coptic brothers and sisters who suffer.

Write. Pray. Hope. Love.

Always, In Christ.

Nefertetti has covered such stories in the past. For info on these types of cases:

(link) Marianna Rezk Shafik Attallah
(link)Tereza Ghattas Kamal
(link)Lydia Atef Atta
(link) An overview of a few cases

And I could keep going with this list.


CMinor said...

Thank you--the what-to-do suggestions were especially helpful as one is apt to feel absolutely helpless when one reads about these cases. I plan to link to this story; perhaps someone else will pick it up as well.

Bent El Neel said...

Hi David
Thanks for staying true to your promise to join your voice to ours and your prayer with the prayers of Copts everywhere :)

I don't know if you know the latest developments in this case...but in short:
+ There was a TV interview with Mona and her "husband" where she basically answered with one word answers to the questions given:
Were you forced to marry Khalid?
Do you love him?
Do you miss your family?
(as if she was gonna sit there on TV next to the man who forced her into this and say..."you know what?! come to think of it, he did force me to marry him)

then oddly she directed a comment to her mother "Mum, i love you...you know I wouldn't do anything wrong"

+ The "husband" is about 20 years her senior...a con artist with a record...married to a Muslim wwoman and has 4 kids with her.

+ Mona's mother pleaded to the authorities to let her see her daughter. Initially she was told she would be allowed to...but at a police station citing it as "protection for MOna" (the authorities and media like to say this to indicate the poor "converts" are in danger of being harmed by their Christian families)
The mother turned up to the police station...waited, endured humiliation by the officers...then was told Mona was in the building...she waited some more...then was told she couldn't see her daughter!!! like that!!!
They made her leave!!!

She wept saying that she couldnt believe her daughter was probably meters away but she wasn't allowed to see her.

So there you go. Please keep on praying...this is unfair!!! this is a crime!

prazim said...

Thank you for helping to call attention to this heartbreaking event, and so many like it throughout the Islamic world.

I too am tracking and sharing the news of the shedding of Christian Blood on my site, although hadn't heard the news of what bent el neel has shared until reading it here.

I'd love the video clip if can track down a you tube link for it.