Sunday, August 06, 2006

Soup kitchens face closure in fight against beggars

You have got to be kidding me. This is just plain stupid. Here is a link to the story (link.

A quote:

Dramatic new measures to clamp down on beggars are planned in central London.

Westminster says it may try to shut charity soup kitchens that attract hundreds of homeless men and women to the area.

"We firmly believe soup kitchens are not the best way to deal with rough sleepers," said councillor Danny Chalkley.

"These organisers are helping to sustain life on the streets for homeless people when they should be concentrating on getting them off the streets."

I'm sure they do all they can to help get them off of the streets. Most church run charities are not just have some food and go away. They are a ministry. They help these people all they can.

And this line:

"Of course we understand the problem and have empathy for them but the noise can be heard above the television and it has got to the stage that the young and the elderly cannot walk outside their homes without being abused."

Now, If some people are harassing or hurting people that is one thing. But notice how that is added on after the line:

but the noise can be heard above the television

Ah, Well I'm sorry that the crying and hungry child made you miss a moment of Dr. Who. This put's it in a different light than if they were suffering in total silence where you would not have to notice them.

From the Church workers:

Jacqueline Messih, 20, a volunteer for the church, defended its work. "Fundamentally we want to do this to help people. It’s not right that there are mothers in so much need of milk for their children, or pensioners that need us to feed them because they are too scared to go into sheltered accommodation. We try our best to be fair to the residents. Sometimes people do get rowdy but we quieten them down. We always finish by 10pm and we always clear up afterwards."

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VIVA said...

Maybe this is pork-soup, (like in France)and that's why.